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Horizontal Hit and Miss Fence Panel Double Sided Goch Pinia

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Hit and Miss Goch  Fence Panel: A robust, double-sided horizontal fence offering a unique blend of privacy and airflow. Its alternating ‘hit and miss’ slats provide a stylish aesthetic, ensuring both seclusion and durability in a rich pine finish. Perfect for modern homes seeking a balance between design and function

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Goch Fence Panel: Where Tradition Meets Security

In every era, one thing remains constant: the need for security. Yet, as times change, the essence of security takes on various forms. The Goch fence panel exemplifies this evolution, representing the epitome of safety intertwined with heritage, providing a solid barrier between the sanctity of one’s space and the external world.

Goch: A Testament to Reliability
Named after a historic town renowned for its resilience and dependability, the Goch fence panel embodies similar values. With its robust and singular module design, this fence is a fortress in itself, ensuring a strong barrier against potential intruders, onlookers, or even just the daily hustle and bustle that lies beyond one’s property.

Design Excellence and Flexibility
The Goch fence panel stands apart due to its versatile design. Its symmetrical makeup permits the assembly of individual spans to the fence posts in two distinctive styles – whether you prefer horizontal or vertical slats. This gives homeowners the unique freedom to customize the fence according to their aesthetic preferences or practical requirements.

Defining the Essence of Privacy
In today’s world, privacy is a coveted luxury. The Goch fence not only offers physical barriers against unwanted guests but also serves as a shield against the inquisitive gaze of passers-by, intrusive noise, or any unsightly views. Especially in areas where space is at a premium, such as housing estates with narrow plots, the Goch fence emerges as a beacon of privacy and tranquillity.

Craftsmanship and Material Quality
The essence of the Goch fence panel lies in its material. Made of dried wood, its moisture content is meticulously managed to ensure optimal durability and strength. Unlike untreated wood that can warp with changing humidity, dried wood remains steadfast and resilient. This also renders the wood less prone to biological decay, ensuring longevity.

Top-notch Components
A structure is only as strong as its weakest link. Recognizing this, the Goch fence panel is assembled using corrosion-resistant fasteners, including screws, pins, and nails. Not only does this ensure a sleek appearance devoid of unsightly rust stains, but it also stands as a testament to the product’s lasting durability.

Nature’s Imprint: Microcracks and Dimensional Shifts
Every piece of wood tells a story – a tale of its journey, its struggles, and its victories. As a natural material, wood may exhibit minor changes as it acclimatizes to its surroundings. From subtle shifts in its dimensions to the occasional desorption crack, these are not imperfections but rather the wood’s way of adapting. Such changes arise from wood’s natural response to ambient humidity variations. Far from being defects, they are a testament to wood’s living, breathing nature, adding character and authenticity to every Goch fence panel.

In a world where modernity often takes precedence, the Goch fence panel is a heartening reminder of the timeless beauty and strength of tradition. Whether you’re looking to create a private oasis amidst a bustling city or simply wish to enhance the security of your home, this fence panel offers the perfect solution, blending age-old wisdom with contemporary needs. Every Goch fence stands as a silent guardian, a symbol of protection, privacy, and peace, enhancing the beauty of every space it surrounds.

Installation and Maintenance
When ordering a fence, remember to get the necessary mounting accessories and wood care products.
Products recommended by our company will ensure that the installation goes smoothly and the entire structure will form a cohesive whole. Installation method


Fence maintenance is not a major problem – it is sufficient to perform it every 2-3 seasons (if necessary, it can be done more often).

Dry cleaning:
Clean the fences from dust using a soft brush or compressed air.

Wet cleaning:
For stains that require the use of water, clean using a pressure washer or a sponge and warm water.

Lacquer restoration:
After the fence sections have dried, if they require lacquer replenishment or colour refreshing – use fine-grit sandpaper to clean the surface, and then apply a product for protecting coniferous wood.

Do not use chemical agents or abrasive substances for cleaning fences as they can damage their surface.

Technical Specifications:

– Dimensions: Standing tall at 1800mm, with a breadth of 1800mm, its substantial size ensures comprehensive coverage and a commanding presence.

– Thickness: With a thickness of 45mm, this panel offers robustness and durability, making it resistant to external pressures.

– Strip Specifications: Crafted with precision, each strip on this panel measures 15 x 120 mm. The meticulous arrangement of these strips ensures optimal privacy without compromising on the design.

– Weight: Weighing in at 40.00kg, its sturdiness is evident, promising longevity and steadfastness through varying weather conditions.

– Material: Made from dried wood, the panel retains the wood’s natural strength while reducing the chances of warping or shrinkage over time.

– Wood Type: Constructed from high-quality Pine, a wood renowned for its durability and appealing grain patterns, it offers a touch of nature’s elegance to any space it occupies.

– Colour & Finish: Cloaked in a rich anthracite varnish, this panel effortlessly complements diverse exterior landscapes and architectural styles. Its hue emanates warmth and a sense of timeless sophistication.

– Wood Protection: The wood undergoes a spray painting process, ensuring even coverage and protection. This layer not only enhances its visual appeal but also acts as a shield against potential moisture damage, UV rays, and other external elements.

In conclusion, the Goch Anthracite Horizontal Fence Panel is more than just a barrier – it’s a statement of style, a testament to quality craftsmanship, and a durable asset for your home. Its design guarantees both functionality and elegance, making it the preferred choice for contemporary homes and traditional setups alike. Invest in this fence panel, and grant your outdoor space the blend of protection and beauty it truly deserves


1800 x 1800 mm, 1800 x 900 mm




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Horizontal Hit and Miss Fence Panel Double Sided Goch Pinia Horizontal Hit and Miss Fence Panel Double Sided Goch Pinia
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